Lewis Tezeno - How to Achieve Success in America

How to Achieve Success in America

This is America - the place where anything is possible.  This is still just as true today as it always has been. 


What is Success to You?What does success mean to you?

  • Big House?
  • Big Car?
  • Happy Kids?
  • A Million Dollars?
  • Ten Million Dollars?
  • All of the Above?

Lewis Tezeno's book, How to Achieve Success in America, demonstrates that regular people achieve success.  People no one expected to achieve success do it every day.    

And, you can achieve your goals, too.   

Lewis' Adores His Beautiful Wife... and CorvettesMeet Lewis Tezeno

From the time he was a young boy Lewis Tezeno always believed he had the power to achieve success. Lewis has had exciting careers in several areas including information technology (IT), music, writing, sports, real estate, and more. 

Anyone who knows Lewis Tezeno knows he loves sports cars - especially corvettes. He’s had 7 corvettes and there will be more because Lewis is successful and knows what he wants - from big deals to toys he drives. 

Learn more about Lewis or continue reading about the book that will change your life.  

Sharing His Success

Lewis' House & LexusNow Lewis is sharing his valuable thoughts with you - thoughts that can help you achieve the same kind of success and exciting life he has had. 

Discover how to use your greatest assets and the power within you to reach your goals in life. Why is there so much poverty in the United States of America? Learn to overcome the issues of poverty, lack of education, and other unfavorable situations, and convert them to success.  Whatever your circumstances, you can achieve success in America and Lewis' book tells you how.

About the Book

a unique and inspiring adventure into the secrets of success used by successful and wealthy people nationwide.  The book shares Lewis' distinctive perspective and proven values anyone can use to achieve success in America - no matter how big or small the dream of success is. 

Buy How to Achieve Success in America and start learning what you need to know to achieve your dreams.